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When to bring out the pumpkins?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Who else is wondering when 1 September became the unofficial date to start posting about pumpkins?! Even with my Halloween obsession, it just felt a bit premature....but with the end of the month fast approaching, maybe now is the time to embrace the new season styling and all that the autumn colour palette brings to our homes.

So where do you start when it comes to bringing in some autumnal interest? For me, it's not about completely switching up your space. Instead a few well-executed touches make all the difference. Adding a few russet-toned faux stems to a favourite vase, or adding candles to a mantle or sideboard. There's nothing quite like the flicker of candlelight to give you all the cosy feels on an autumn evening.

Autumn remains my all time favourite season, mainly because of the associations with hyyge and the ability to create so many more of these moments naturally. The other fundamental essence of autumn is because of a feeling of change; in the air, in the home, the start of a new academic year. So I embrace that as someone who, generally speaking, embraces change.

Here are a few tips to get some autumnal feeling into your home and tap into the hygge lifestyle of our scandinavian neighbours.

1.Create an atmosphere with beautiful candlelight.

Layer up your candlelight options with a mix and match of tealights, tapers and jars.

2. Embrace the outdoors, even in the cooler temperatures

There is much to be said for getting some fresh, crisp, autumnal air into your system. The golden light of the sun sitting lower in the sky makes for some glorious photo opportunities.

3. Read a good book

Go old school and grab a paperback! Indulge in a few hours immersed in whatever genre takes your fancy, especially enhanced by doing so in a cosy corner or reading nook.

4. Bake!

With the new season is the arrival of comfort food! Nothing says cosy like a homemade crumble or a batch of oat cookies. Use seasonal produce to create a treat you can enjoy with family and friends with a mug of coffee or a loaded hot chocolate.

Autumn is a time to prepare for transition to shorter, colder days but there is plenty to love about the change in the season. Take a look at my hot picks from our cosy range to bring some hygge to your home this season.

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