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Almost time for sparkles, paper decs, greenery and bubbles....

Well, as I write this, there are 7 weeks left until Christmas Day is upon us. It seems like it's been an unbelievably fast year, perhaps a sense of time passing quickly in comparison to the slower passing of time we were experiencing when we were living through lockdowns.

I utterly love this time of year. The build up to the festive period is, for me, far more enjoyable than the day itself. And don't even talk about January - euugghh! Such a grey month after all the glorious twinkly lights and the special celebrations with family and friends.

This year, I am planning to start decorating the house from the middle of November, much to my husbands 'bah humbug' disgust! The main reason is because decorating my own home gives me endless opportunities to create content for social media purposes but it does tap into my long-term love for adorning our home with all the prettiness. So it really is a win-win!

With that in mind, here are my fave picks from this years' Olivia May Home Christmas collection. As ever, I have hand picked and quality checked every single item, so that they arrive with you in perfect condition. We operate a boutique-style virtual shop and so we don't hold lots of stock which means we keep our products regularly refreshed to make the most new emerging decor trends and seasonal updates. But one thing has always been constant; we are huge fans of the scandi look and many of our products will reflect the clean, timeless elegance of this much revered look. So without further ado, here are my festive faves!

1.Wooden Hanging Star Gonks

These are just the cutest little decorations and are my top pick for the coming festivities. Available in 3 hat colours, brown, beige or white, the gonks are fun, affordable and would make great gifts for friends and family. They are £3.50 each, so the set of three is a very affordable £10.50. These are just adorable and have flown off the shelves since I first listed them.

2. Ceramic gonks

We first stocked these last year and they were so popular, we had to stock them again! These are a gorgeous, muted beige and grey colour which fits in so well with a neutral aesthetic. Our medium gonk is priced at £6.25 stands at 19cm tall and is complemented beautifully by our little plump gonk (pictured here side by side), priced at £4.25.

3. Pair of Glitzy Trees

I just feel that Christmas calls for being a bit extra! And these trees are exactly that! Beautifully constructed with wooden bases and individual thumbnail size tabs which make up the texture of the tree itself, these make a stunning feature on a mantle, shelf or sideboard. Priced at £32.50 for the pair, these are one of the more expensive product lines we stock but they are so worth it, and will bring the glam factor to your festive home for years to come.

So here we are, a round up of my faves for the upcoming festivities. Grab yourself a cuppa, perhaps a biscuit or slice of cake and get comfy on the sofa under your fave blanket.....and get ahead of the crowds by visiting our online shop! Free p&p too.....I know, we're good to you!!

See you next time,

Lisa x

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